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In the recent months, we have been preparing for the potential ramifications associated with the COVID-19 (coronavirus). This meant that Avodah Law Group had been taking precautionary measures building up to the Orange County Health Order. We’ve fully equipped all attorneys and staff to work remotely and most importantly at full capacity, minimizing any detrimental impact on our business operations and most importantly, our clients.

Welcome to Avodah Law Group® a PLC!

“Avodah” is a Hebrew word that means worship, work and service all in the same word, depending on the context. We thought the name was fitting, since in Hebrew culture, work was seen as an act of worship, thanking God for the opportunities provided by being diligent and hard-working with what was entrusted to you. Likewise, we believe that our work is to serve you, your family, and your business by addressing your legal needs before problems arise or whenever issues may require attention.


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Business Law

For aspiring, new and existing business owners, we can help you with a variety of issues, such as choosing the right entity type, writing contracts and evaluating your current legal needs. Some examples might be:

  • Establish corporations or limited liability companies (LLCs)
  • Draft & Review contracts needed in your business (for customers/ clients, vendors, employees, etc.)
  • Negotiate transactions and settling disputes
  • Guide and Oversee the process of Buying or Selling a Business (aka M&A transactions)
  • Advise on basic employment issues
  • Advise on basic IP issues (trademarks, trade secrets, etc.)
  • Advise on general business issues
  • Serve as Attorney of Record (outside general business counsel)

Basic Estate Planning

To ensure that your hard-earned assets pass seamlessly to your spouse, children, other family members or charity upon your death, we can help you with:

  • Preparing your will
  • Preparing your revocable living trust (aka family trust)
  • Preparing your durable power of attorney
  • Preparing your advance health care directive (aka health care power of attorney)
  • Transferring your major assets into your revocable living trust
  • Maintaining your revocable living trust

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